Thursday, 31 January 2013

NIKATO couture

I have been busy as a bee for the last few months. Mostly I work as a costume designer as part of the school program and when I find time I try to do as much work as make artist as I can. Last week my school obligations ended and this time I think I am not going back to beeing a student. All I have to do now is make the finall thesis - magistrsko delo. Before that I am going to Bratislava, Slovakia as an exchange student for three months! How great is that? (No really, could you remind me? As the D day is coming soon and I feel like I don't belong there and shouldn't go... I am getting cold feet.)

And now I want to show u some beautiful work we did this week. With Nika Torkar for NIKATOcouture, Ami Kadribašič as a model and Luka Gorjup behind the lens. Of course I was the one running with the brushes.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

NiOka and Kristina Lovko in POP-UP DOM

This Saturday my dear Kristina Lovko invited me to do make up for her fashion show. She told me that she didn't have a show without me having there! It really good to know that a person trusts you so much, to always invite you to cooperate. We started together, grew together and hopefully will countinue to do so.

Make up was really natural, with nice flawless skin, peachy cheeks and lips. No mascara, no liners, just pure beauty. I loved it and hope to get a closer picture of it. (If someone reading this has it, please send it to me!)


Nika Ravnik                                Kristina Lovko                   


Matevž Kosterov


Wednesday, 22 August 2012


It has been too long again. So much is happening and I don't feel like sitting behind the computer, when I can be outside with my boy and my friends. I love summer. And as long as the temperature stays over 15°C it will stay the same. After that my warm living room and my computer will see me more often and so will you!

Some time ago I hade an awsome expirience working for a magazine with 3 young designers and a great TV host from Slovenia. And like I said - I prefer to be outside at this time of the year, so this is it... Take a look at the pictures :)

Friday, 25 May 2012


This Sunday we went to the seaside. It was lovely! Sea, sun and fresh air helped my headache and runny nose and I felt so much better there. I think we should move there!

But that was just for an hour or so, then we had to jump back in our car and drive 10 km to a meeting point with the photographer and model and then a few kilometres in to the woods and we have finally arrived to the location. Why so distant? Because we were photographing nude model. And another pair of eyes really wasn't something we were looking for.

photography Anže Vrabl
model Nina (Immortal Model Manegment)
mua Anja Kert
assistant Matej Tomlje

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Nika Torkar is a young designer creating under label NIKATOrkar design. She was one of the designer who showed her clothes on fashion show last Wednesday. A few weeks before that she asked me to do make up for a photo shoot of her new collection named Warrior.

Designer/stylist : Nika Torkar / NIKATOrkar design
Photographer : Matic Verbančič
Model : Teja Sedovšek

few of my favourites :

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fashion Show Teden mladih 2012

Yesterday was a really intense day for me. I have been so busy with school projects and wedding and prom make ups, I didn't have time for anything else. But still I decided to organise a fashion show on local youth festival called Teden mladih. Of course not only organise, I have decided to present my bathing suit collection as well!

I am very proud of my self to mange all of this. And I would like to thank all my lovely models : Teja Sedovšek, Maja Kavčič, Eva Vidic, Nives Oresnik, Blažka Benčina, Kaja Strniša and Karin Nikolič Opara for coming yesterday and for being patient and looking amazing!

Next thanks goes to the young designer making their way up: BIT (Barbara Dermota and Tina Hribernik) with their collection T-bird, Nika Torkar with Attretion, Urška Omerzi with Kolash, Ema Salčinovič with Polet and SnailOnSpeed with their unnamed collection. Last but not least also my sweet Ema Bavcon for making jewellery to go with my bathing suit. You guys were awesome :)

Thank you Mojca Gabrovšek for crazy hair and Ema Bavcon for lovely make up. My sis for everything, my boy and Alex for winning ;) and DJ Erma from Vibe Department for the beat!

Special thanks to everyone that came (mom, sis #2 and all my friends). Thank you for supporting us!

Enough said, let the photographs speak!

All photographs are from here and I hope the photographer are OK with it :)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Miro Design

Beautiful new colletion by Miro Misljen, one of our best models Jana Koteska and again amazing pohotographs by Anže Vrabl.

Make up Anja Kert
Hair Maja Miljković (frizerski studio Cute Cut, lasna kozmetika Concept)