Monday, 31 May 2010


My first magazine cover! I'm soooo happy :) It feels good to see my make up on a magazine that thousands get to see...

Photographer is again Petra Nuzdorfer and the model is Katarina Štamulak. Soon I will also post another series that we did together so make sure you came back to see it!

Sunday, 30 May 2010



If it won't leave me alone it's no surprise that I'm shrill
but to no avail, my shadow follows me still.
When sunlight reveals my frown, that only fills it with glee.
Yet on a moonlit night it never fails to locate me.
Until my shadow appears the only thing that is true
appearing in a flash on any wall within view.
But increasingly I realise that it is pleasing after all
to have such a constant companion, then I recall
that the only times my shadow has left me alone
have been the darkest times that I have known.
And so it fills me with delight to have my shadow about
for it completes my world, without a doubt.
Adam Rulli-Gibbs

photographer: Matej Ograjenšek
model: miss sport 2009 Ajda Sitar
hair&make up: Anja Kert


It's finally behind me! My very first fashion show :) And now I'm sick...

So many things happened I don't know where to start! I'm just gonna tell u sth about the show first.
It was actually a part of events on Ljubljana - world book capital 2010 and so the main topic was book. This was the end of a school project in which all the students participated, but the 1st and 2nd year only with 1 or 2 garments and we, the 3rd and final year, with 5-6.

My inspiration comes from Marocco and my diary from the trip. I collected photos and put them together to get new patterns and shapes. I digitally printed all the fabric and make simple clothes, so that the fabric really pops out.
After long long preparations D day came. It was crazy! I was nervous and the organization was a disaster! But it all ended well and the whole show was amazing!!

Thanks to Petra Nuzdorfer here is my collection :

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


sth you all need to see and follow : o knjigi (about the book)

Sunday, 2 May 2010


A little update...I have been really busy these past two weeks because of the fashion show that is happening in less than a month! And for the past two weeks I have been sleeping for less than 7 hours a day and working more than 12...most of that time I spent in school sitting next to the printing machine and watching that nothing went wrong...

We have done a few photoshootings in between everything and here are some results..I will post them in seperate posts so it's more organized and easier to find  :)

Tie Vs. Woman
So first is the one that we did with Petra Nuzdorfer and Katarina Štamulak and was shot at the same day as the Definitely not my day series (few posts back)...What can I say...a kick ass photographer (that is photographing fashion for 4 months or sth!!!) and an awesome model that really knows how to show feelings and me :) Wouldn't change anything!