Wednesday, 24 February 2010


it's been a while...again!

I apologize to those that read my blog and don't actually have anything to read :)

I have been very very was the exam period and I wasted it on doing nothing at all...well my sims grew old and that's about it...until this sunday when Matej Ograjenšek woke me up and we did a photo shoot... in my opinion a very good one..but please do tell yours...
I made myself a dress yestersay and I'll post pics tomorrow..and then on sunday a I have another photo shoot and on saturday another one..and since school started already I think that monday is finally the time for me to visit it again...

so here is my favourite photo (so far..cuz more are coming..) and then two more....

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


my new logo..or not...pls tell me what you think!--------->there's a poll if you don't have the time to leave me a comment :)
(I won't tell you which is my favourite :D it's round for a reason - that I'm also not telling...yet )#1





Sunday, 14 February 2010


Yesterday it was Pust in our country - we dress in costumes and we scare the winter away and call the spring :)

We sure were scary yesterday so I hope the freezing temperatures and snow will soon go away!

the vampire who eats me... :)

me, the take away meal :)

pippi longstocking

and my zombie :)

And since my sis is way better writer than me I suggest you read her blog for details :)

Make up and special effects by me :)