Friday, 6 May 2011


On Saturday we went to IKEA and my mother bought a new wash-stand with basin. It was late when we came home and we had a party to attend to. On Sunday we continued the party and went fishing and then on a picnic :) I was exhausted!
But when we came home (yes we still haven't finished our apartment!) there was work waiting for us, that is my boyfriend and me. My mother and sister started putting together the wash-stand and in the middle of it had to go somewhere. So we picked up where they left and it took us about three hours to complete it.
sorry about the photos. I'm really not a pro

We started with the disassembly of the old sink and cabinet. It was quite easy to remove all of the plumbing. If you do this just be sure to put a bowl underneath, because there is water stored in the siphon that prevents the smell to come back to the bathroom. Then we disconnected the tap. Again be sure to close the water before doing this! This can usually be done by turning the valve under the sink. If you can't find a valve you'll have to turn the water off for the whole building. When you have done this, turn the tap on to drain out the remaining water in the system.

I advise you to put a cloth in the drain tube or it will smell badly! To take the tap of the sink, we had to unscrew the nut - see the picture.

It is always easier to put something apart and I think you will manage the rest :) Just one more tip. How to get rid of the silicon that remains on the tiles? It is very simple with the razor that you use on the ceramic stove - like the one on the picture. Then just clean the residue with alcohol.

So to the harder part - putting it back together. My advice - follow the instruction carefully! IKEA instructions are really detailed and it is quite easy to do it!

Once you put the whole thing together, you will have to fix it to the wall. First mark where you need to make the holes and then carefully start making them. Drill a small hole and then use larger drill and expand the first hole, so you don't break the tile. We cooled the drill with water, because the heat would make the tile break quicker. Then we fixed the cabinet on the wall. On the photo you can see which thing goes first :)
Make sure that the cabinet doesn't lean on one side!

Then put the sink on the wash-stand and secure it with silicon. Next step is to do the plumbing... About this next time! See ya