Friday, 15 April 2011


This project was made last year also with Anže Vrabl. I have nothing special to say about it :) I do like it very very much! We had great time and it's up to you to create a story around it. Have fun!

And please vote so we can buy ourselves a big comfy bed! 

Thursday, 14 April 2011


 Pika, pika, črtica or in English Dot, dot, line is a project we did with Tania Mendillo a while ago. The inspiration were clowns. I really think we all did a good job.

Photography Tania Mendillo
Model Petra Ločniškar
Styling Katja Kozlevčar
Make up Anja Kert
Hair Tania Mendillo
Assistant Samo Ix


My latest work was a futuristic project with Anže Vrabl. He named the series Age of what :) We shot at new NKBM bank office in Ljubljana. Its interior is inspired by 1970's, when everyone was dreaming about future and outer space. It was the perfect location! My make up was inspired by the Twiggy and then transferred into future. I think I did a pretty good job. What do you think?

Photography : Anže Vrabl
Model : Nina Đ (Immortal models)
Asistent : Rok Berglez
MUA and hair : Anja Kert

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Another project I've been working on for our new home is sunburst mirror. I found the tutorial on this amazing blog Isabella & Max Rooms written by Janell.

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You can find her tutorial here. Her mirror looks amazing and her home is really beautiful!

She inspired me to make my own. The first problem was where to find a mirror. It's not so easy in Slovenia to find cheap mirrors with frame. So I went with one without it. I found it at Dipo for 21 eur. Next I needed some branches. I found them at IKEA for about 2 eur for one pack of 20, maybe 30. I needed five of them. I got lucky and they were already painted white.
Then I followed the instructions and realized that it would look so much better if I glued the branches on the back... Of course I thought about that after I glued quite a lot of them already :) After that it went perfectly! I was done in one day!

Then the real problems started. Because the mirror has no frame it also had nothing to hang it on the wall. I don't know where will we put it, so the gluing it to the wall wasn't an option. We went to a hobby shop, then to frame shop and no one knew what to do. At the fifth store the saleswoman suggested that we 'glue' a hanging hook with silicon. We did it and it looked great! Till the next morning... when we found it on the floor, luckily not broken, but the branches did fall of or brake.
Now we glued hooks with two component adhesive, fixed the branches and ta - da!

It will look amazing in our home when we finish it! Comments always make me happy! :)

And today I have a request for all of you. Please vote for my sunburst mirror at Pattex Power Competition. Just click the button that says 'Glasuj'. You can vote every day till 24/06/2011. Thank you!


I've been neglecting this blog and I am really sorry. Two posts back I wrote about making a cake... Well it turned out awful  :/ It was njumy but it look horrible! I didn't know what to do. Admit that I failed or just not saying anything. It took me quite a long time to decide to show it to you guys!
So here it is...

 I hope next time it will turn out better looking :)