Tuesday, 30 March 2010


..the story continues...

Next day we went to Vršič to do the second part of wedding photographs...Just going there was a bit of adventure itself, because there is around 20 curves the get to the top and already on the second one a bus got stuck..so we waited and waited, then finally one guy got the nerves to drive on the grass in so we all got pass the bus but with some minor bruises on the car...wow that's a long sentence! hehe
so we finally arrived there, same team as the day before, only the bride changed...What can I say, Anže is so popular that he gets to be the groom twice in one weekend and with different brides :) This time his lovely spouse was Barbara from Loox Model Management, one of the most perspective Slovenian models that have worked in Milano and Paris.

So the day was great and I will let the photos speak for themselves. Again many many thanks to the whole team and I hope that we will work together again soon!

And for those of you who read my blog and are getting married - visit their site and be amused!!! and then hire them...hihi

Thursday, 25 March 2010


www.first-finger.com team contacted me in July last year for a wedding photoshoot. It was a bit different then any other photoshoot and very interesting and fun :)

With Ciril, Matjaž, Dragan (the three photographers) and the rest of the team (stylist, hairstylist and models) we started the day in Izola with all preparations...Then we drove to Sečovlje Salina Natural Park...

Next it was to this old shipyard...

And then to a beautiful villa on top of the hill overlooking Slovenian coast with a pool that was the main reason why we went there...

And the team photo.../Dragan, Ciril, Polona, Maja (stylist) and me.. photo by Matjaž, and the asistent Uroš who was so busy that didn't make it on the photo :)
Thank you all, we did an amazing job!

This was just the first day..next day we went to...

TO BE CONTINUED...make sure you visit their page! it's awesome!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


What I wore today - going to school

omg! I have more than 500 visitors (exactly 550, unique of course)! and more than 50 a day! So thank you guys for reading my blog!!!!

Today was a really busy day...I was printing fabric for our end of school year fashion show and it took about 6 hours with all the waiting...I'm soooooo tired now!!! And it didn't even come out well..So I have to repeat it, besides printing all other...
At least now I know how to do it and I don't have to ask the teacher every single little thing.

How was your day?

I was wearing:
- H&M shoes, tights, necklace, ring and the sweater
- Bershka dress
- pink lipstick

(this could be H&M add :)
 oh and sorry for the bad quality photo!)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


What I wore today - when taking my dog out for a walk

Today is such a beautiful day! The sun is shining and it's really warm outside... It also started perfectly with breakfast (eggs, avocado and fresh orange juice), then we were just relaxing and finally we decided to go for a long walk (that ended up in a cafe :)...
 Now I have some school work to do so I'm back behind the computer just looking out and listening to birds singing...

I was wearing:
- jeans Bershka
- some old sweater that I love, Mango
- knited sweater, Orsay
- sneakers that are falling apart, but I still love them, Pull And Bear
- socks, H&M

I'm in love with this photo..we look adorable!

He looks just like Angel from Buffy!

Monday, 22 March 2010


what I wore today - going to dinner with my boyfriend

I love spring... It's getting warm, but not hot... birds are singing and flowers are blooming :) how romantic!
This spring I'm all about flower prints, blue color and light materials... And since I'm still a student also clothes from last spring will come in handy :)

So what did I wear today:
- shoes Zara
- tights Top Shop (from London)
- skirt from Camden Town (London)
- blouse Stradivarius
- trench H&M (my latest addition)
- bracelet H&M

Make up - soft eyeshadow (paris Berlin) with black mascara (Oriflame) to extend the lashes, pink blush (Coastal Sands) - very soft and pink lipstick (Oriflame), preferably matte  - this is a day make up, that I'm going to wear this spring... With some adjustments depending on the mood I'm in and the clothes and occassion.


Today I discovered this amazing page where you can load pictures of your parents before they were your parents...It's called My parents were amazing :) I know mine were… Well they still are actually (at least my mom, since my dad died)...So why not post their photos...

And this is how the hunt for old photos began... We have all old albums pack in a box and stored in attack... And I just couldn't resist going through all of them! I was soooooo cute when I was little!!! I had this curly brown hair that was usually in two ponytails and big rounded cheeks! hehe...but today is about my parents!

So here is my mum when she was young... I guess around 8? It's hard to imagine that our parents were young once, isn't it?

And these are my parents at 20-something at their wedding...They look like they are from dynasty! Behind them is my aunt - my mother’s sister and on the right my father’s uncle - who is about the same age as he is... Big families with a lot of children :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


heavenly dream...photos made by Matej Ograjenšek on a sunny sunday, when we decided to stay inside :) I think it was a great idea!

"She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of cloudness climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes..."

Lord Byron

Photographer : Matej Ograjenšek
Model : Jelena Batanjski
Make up : Anja Kert


I would like to thank u all for voting for your favorite logo... but I'm not sure that this is "the one".. so I will keep developing it.. here is the one you voted for...

again thank you!

there is sth I would like to ask you..I would love to have a polaroid.. but not this new, digital one..I like the light and the texture... the old polaroid one 600 on film is just perfect :D

the problem now is that polaroid stopped making films... yes I know they are still available on ebay... but they all expire next year.. what then???

There is rumor that Lady Gaga is developing new Polaroid.. but will it be digital or on films??
Is it worth buying the one 600 now?

Monday, 15 March 2010


There is a lot going on lately and even more coming...I'm very excited!!! I promise I will update as regullary as I'll have time.

Here are some photos we did last year..I forgot to put them up here and I remembered about them today. They are all shot by Andraž Blaznik (see his page here).

These two are from Jezersko...

And these are from wedding and engagement series...


..this is an update..of the 19/365 post...two more photos..then there is 3 more close ups comming soon on your favourite blog!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


On Saturday we did a photoshoot with Anže Godec (click here for his site)...the theme was Circus...
We met in Ljubljana for make up and stuff and then we drove near Domžale to some old house...It was sunny and the atmosphere was really great so we did some awesome photos!

Again special thanks to Sandra from Bronz for standing out there in cold and doing a great job!

dress: Anja Kert

 dress: Jessica Jagec

dress: Jessica Jagec

dress: Jessica Jagec

Monday, 1 March 2010


As promised here are a few photos of the dress I made..I forgot to photograph it from head to toes so it just parts of it...

It was my boyfriends sisters birthday..She is now 18 years old and in our country of legal age...So we went to a bar that was supposed to have roll disco music but it was all other than that..well maybe few were but none of them were really great hits..well it was fun anyway :)

This photos were took by my friend and a really good photographer Grega Mali..find his blog here...
me and my boyfriend with his weirdo smile...

 me and the birthday girl


and posing

my weirdo sis (or just my photographic skills were a bit of)

I just love the light on this one

 pozer and her Ray Bans

here you can or can not see the dress...

and Tadeja posing before we went out... I also did her make up..