Thursday, 31 January 2013

NIKATO couture

I have been busy as a bee for the last few months. Mostly I work as a costume designer as part of the school program and when I find time I try to do as much work as make artist as I can. Last week my school obligations ended and this time I think I am not going back to beeing a student. All I have to do now is make the finall thesis - magistrsko delo. Before that I am going to Bratislava, Slovakia as an exchange student for three months! How great is that? (No really, could you remind me? As the D day is coming soon and I feel like I don't belong there and shouldn't go... I am getting cold feet.)

And now I want to show u some beautiful work we did this week. With Nika Torkar for NIKATOcouture, Ami Kadribašič as a model and Luka Gorjup behind the lens. Of course I was the one running with the brushes.