Monday, 14 February 2011


One of my favorite pages to browse throug is Tastespotting. I just spend the last half an hour looking for recipe for a birthday cake for my mom. And I finally got it on page 141! That's a lot of pages to go through...And I just have to tell somebody! It's a good thing my mom doesn't go on my blog that often...hihi

So here it is:

It looks like it's from the movie Alice in Wonderland! You can find recipie here, I'm doing a slightly changed version. I will post the results and my recipie. Probably on Wednesday...or Friday :)

Oh, and happy Valentine's day to you all!


This weekend my boy and were working on our chairs. I wrote about them already and now we are finally renovating them.

We are painting them black and making new upholstery. We got the chairs for free, the fabric is from IKEA (about 5eur/m), the foam is from another project so it was kind of free and we had to buy the stapler and the paint (all for around 35 eur). That sums up about 70 eur, but I guess we won't need all the fabric we bought.

This is how they looked before.

We had to repair them a bit and then painted them black. The last picture shows new upholstery and my BF at work.

They are going to be awesome!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

voyage voyage

At the end of the January I was in London for IMATS. It was so inspiring and just awesome! Most of the time I spend in Alexandra Palace, but as little free time as I had, I spend it to go to my favourite places. This time I also went to Portobello Road and I fell in love. I guess there really isn't a place in LDN that I wouldn't like.
It's obvious that I spend a lot of money right... I couldn't go there and not by tones of make up! Well in the end I didn't buy tones, just a few things...that were a bit expensive. [blush]

I loved Einat Dan's performance. She is just great artist, with few flaws, but I don't mind! I wish I could go to her class in June on Bodypainting festival, but it already full. [sad face] Google her! I won't paste pictures of her work here :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


One of my fav pages to find inspiration. I will be working on dresses for fairies and I am browsing through pages...and I just can't go past some things that I want/like/adore/etc.

I want to have my flat done already! It's been six months now! And I'm going crazy for not being there! So what I would like to do is to host a housewarming party! In this dress :

(The dress is made by the fab Alexander McQueen. Nothing more to say...)

That would be the formal wear and if I would decide to go for casual, I guess I would look like this :

(This picture is from anthropologie. I just discover this page through pinterest and it's going to my fav pages list!)

But to look like this I need longer hair :)

So that I could make myself some hair accessories :

And just to be sure that he really loves me...

(This necklace is sold on etsy for 18$.)

And then I would go ride my bike and let somebody else to do the cleaning :

In the evening I would lay into my bed....

(This was found here, also through pinterest.)

...and sleep like a baby!
(The cap was sold on etsy)