Sunday, 31 January 2010


Ice Queen in Cukrarana

photographer: Andraž Blaznik
make up: Anja Kert
model: Stefania


It's been a while...Actually a lot longer than I would like to. This project thing isn't working for me :) I'll just post photos when I have the time to take them...

A while back I posted I have new here is a photo:) The second photo is from yesterday when my sis had birthday...I actually copied make up from a magazine... (if someone would like to know how I did it let me know and I could do a tutorial)

Monday, 18 January 2010


I'm running out of ideas what to write about. I have been so busy and it's gonna become even harder since the exams are coming...

So I have decided to begin my 30 day challenge I already wrote about... (you know - 30 days of new combinations of clothes...)

so here is #1! (maybe I won't post a new outfit every day since I'm going to be home a lot studying and stuff and I think I can't really do any crazy new things with an old sweat pants and some old t-shirts, can I?)

So here it goes! Have in mind that it was 7 o'clock and I am definitely not a morning person!

If I wasn't going to school and if it wasn't 7 in the morning I would also wear red lipstick :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010


This whole weekend I have been working on a school project made in Blender (3d design)... It takes a lot of time to make even the smallest piece.
This is a recently rendered picture of my interior :)

That on the floor on the left is a's not a puddle :p

When I'm not working on this project it's most likely you will find me at work - doing nails! and today I even found the time to make myself some nail art.. it's a bit african or sth like that...native?

Friday, 15 January 2010


Another photo from Sunday. I like it a lot. What do you think?

Thursday, 14 January 2010


This is a review of my work in the past year...I started looking back on my blog and on my computer and I have realized I have done lots and lots!
I'm proud of myself! :)


The year started with an idea to make an exhibition with Oto Žan, the photographer :)
In school we had a photoshoot and I did the make up.. here are some photos and the dress I made for that photoshoot.
I also did make up for a movie, but unfortunately it was never completed :/


The search for models was on...
It was examination period so there wasn't much going on.


We did a photoshoot with Mikica and photographer Sašo Domijan. And with Laura and Oto Žan for my school project.

I think we also did one with Katarina and Andraž Blaznik in March..But I'm not sure..


We shot Geishas (all photos from the exhibition are here) and I went to London with Matej.


Somewhere between February and May we've done all photos for exhibition that took place on 13th May :)
I worked with Mikica and Sašo in Kolezija and with Lara and Andraž Blaznik in Maribor.


Lev Predan Kowarski - photographer and The MC Laren band (just two photos so this post isn't toooooo long:)
Sašo Domijan and the dancers (Mikica and her friends) were next and then Anže Godec with his it was with Andraž Blaznik and Mikica and Dijana....and then with Matej Ograjenšek and Mikica and Dijana...and a music video for Mury Krasnik...even I was a model once!


I was working with Matej Ograjenšek and Diana, next it was with the team - Ciril Jazbec, Dragan Zlatanovič and Matjaž Tančič - for their web page... one of most interesting and exhausting photoshoots :) (I will do a post about it someday)


With Andraž Blaznik we did a photoshot in Jezersko...and with Maja Lazar for her fashion show/exhibition we shot a video with Barbara....that's it! I was lazy in August!


Again working with team in Osp, trip to Morroco with Matej, Maja Lazar and Alice Bossman fashion show/exhibition, first photo published in magazine Bazar...


Photoshooting with Andraž Blaznik under water, next it was with Mikica and Matej Ograjenšek, Klemen Globočnik Dreamality project, Kristina Lovko fashion show, photos published in Reader's Digest, assisting Luka for Miro Design catalogue


Miro Design fashion show, photoshoot dolls,...


Mladi oblikovalec fashion show

That's it! what a year! And this one started even better!



Here is a photo from Sundays photoshoot...
Photographer: Matej Ograjenšek
Model: Mikica

Monday, 11 January 2010


I have been so lazy lately! I'm behind with school work and with this blog. My eyes are shutting as I'm writing this and I'm in the middle of a shopping mall waiting for someone to stop by so I can make her/his hand and nails beautiful. Quite a job ain't it? :)

So what have I been up to?
As I wrote before we had a photoshoot yesterday. It was OK, maybe not what we all expected but some good pics will surely come out (I didn't see them yet).
I took my pattern to Mumino today so they will make me screen (I am not sure if this is the right word) so I can print it on fabric! Can't wait until thursday when I get it!
Tomorrow I have a presentation about a Slovenian company called Lisca and I still haven't corrected it!
I have lots and lots of school projects to do, but I just don't have the energy!

So here I am feeling sorry for myself :)

Good thing is that I have a new sweater! And a t-shirt. And sun glasses. And another shirt;)

You will hear from me soon, hopefuly next time in a better mood and with a lot of energy to share ( today I gave you the last drops of it;)

Something to put me in better mood - me and Matej in Morroco :)

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Yesterday we did a photoshoot...It was kind of last minute and everything very improvised:) but we nailed it! hehe

here are some behind the scene pictures...
We shot at the Cukrarna bar in Kranj..It closed at the end of the year and it was so f***** cold in there:) Imagine what the model went through!

The photographer was Andraž Blaznik, who today went back to London..or didn't because of all the snow here. The model is Stefania from Bronz Models.

Tomorrow I'm working with another photographer..more about this's gonna be fun :)

here's another photo of me :)

Thursday, 7 January 2010


It's me again! I must say that I have been a really good girl this year! I write this blog every day, I went running twice (once in high heels to catch cheaper parking, which btw i didn't catch 'cause they cheat - their hour is 10 minutes early!, so I'm not sure this counts) and I'm enjoying myself!

But there is another new year's resolution I came up with now...I won't use even one plastic bottle this whole year (those that I already have at home don't count - i just won't buy any new ones - of course I mean those with beverages, not those with shampoo and stuff... :)

And another one - wear all the clothes in my closet - mix and match! Yesterday I was reading a blog where the blogger had this 30 day challenge - not to wear the same thing twice (or at least in the same combination, 'cause you would have to have a lot of clothes for that..)
So I've decided to try it out myself...someday:) And I will post daily outfit here...

And so here is the first one:
Haha just joking! :) I'm having a snoozer (sleepover) at my boyfriend, and this is something i found in his closet to sleep in:)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I want it!umbrella for two

a chair:)

a blazer whit some shiny little things

a watch - necklace

a sailor dress

new/old bathing suit


Veronica decides to die...a book by Paulo Coelho...and my inspiration for patterns that will be printed on fabric.

It's about a girl in her 20's from Ljubljana, Slovenija. And one day she decides to commit suicide and she ends up in a mental institution. It's a story about how she deals with the fact that she is dying and she realizes that she doesn't want to die anymore.

My favourite part is when she discovers other Veronicas in herself and she loves them!

Ko sem vzela tablete, sem hotela ubiti Veroniko, ki sem jo sovražila. Nisem vedela, da so v meni še druge Veronike, ki bi jih zmogla imeti rada.

I already posted one of the are some more - but they are still in developing phase :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Monday, 4 January 2010


It snowing outside! Isn't that great! I love white all around me and the lights on christmas tree still on:)

Right now I am sooooo hungry, but I just don't know what to cook... I was thinking soya and some fries...but I'm just too lazy! hihi.. maybe just some bread? oh wait..i think we don't have it...

well this is actually a post about my work - make up :)
we did this shooting in late november with one of the best young photographers Žiga Mihelčič, we also had a great stylist Maja Lazar and hairstylist, who doesn't want to be named. And I must not forget about our models - Katarina, Nataša and Nika.
I would, again, like to thank you all very very much!

The theme was dolls and beauty in a piece of a mirror:) hope you like it and please comment!

I'm going to make my loverboy and me some soya! :p

Sunday, 3 January 2010


guess what! I went running today! it was so f****** cold! my throat still hurts :)

it's time for a new post...this one is tagged media...that means that I write about magazines, books, movies, etc.

First magazine that I would like to recommend is PUSH IT magazine -Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina's 1st International style magazine!

I ordered the first two issues online and they came in about a week, since they print it in LDN or at least that’s where they came from :)
The whole image is very
professional and you just can't put it down, when you start :) I think I got through them for at least 10 times!

This is the cover of the first issue..It's more a book-zine, than magazine I guess...

on the first few pages are interviews whit Balkan's artists (from models, photographers, DJs, to painters and graphic designers)...after this few pages there are only the last page :) and really good ones..great photographs and styling and of course some great make up :)

Saturday, 2 January 2010


happy new year!!!

it's already 2/1/2010 and I still didn't go running :)

but here I am writing my second post, so I guess I am fulfilling my resolutions :)

this post is about make up... I was reading a book about Audrey Hepburn - A Life in Pictures, who is one of my favorite actress and certainly a woman with style. Her beauty is everlasting and that is why I chose one of her picures and used her make up for inspiration.

I have acomplished far more tthan I had ever hoped. Most of the time it happened to me without my ever seeking it.

Audrey Hepburn

1955/Italy/Portrait by Philippe Halsman for a cover of Life magazine
*when I was surfing the internet to find this picture I also saw that it was later used for a book that was written by her son - his memories of her.

And this is me :)

I used a black liner and a liner brush from Paris Berlin and lip liner and lipstick from Oriflame.
Hope u like it! Tell me what you think!