Thursday, 27 January 2011

voyage voyage

So tomorrow I'm going to....LONDON! Again.. hihi :)

I'm attending IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) with my gals from MAUC (Make Up Artist Center). I still haven't packed everything... I haven't exchanged euros for pounds... But now that I'm writing this I can feel butterflies in my stomach!

Ok, that's it for today :) I really have to pack! Tonight I'm going to see a ballet with my mum. And in the morning I'm off too LDN!
yes, Alex Box will be there! hooray


Wednesday, 26 January 2011


mod cloth's valentine gifts

I adore Love To Bake Measurnig Set, Cake Pops book, True Love Watch, Call My Direct Line Phone and Entertaining at Home Dress!


I've been writing my diploma for a while now and I came across some books that are interesting and beautiful! I don't know if they are useful and I don't really care. I love books and so does my boyfriend, that's why we are going to have a big bookshelf in our flat. I'm so excited!

Now we have to make sure that these shelves are full, don't we!

Decades of Fashion is the first book that I would like to own. It's about designers from Coco Chanel to Alexander McQueen and models that wrote the fashion history. I guess I'm not the real fashion addict but I actually love fashion amongst other things :)

Face of the Century is the second book and I actually already own this one. It's about makeup of the 20th century, but not just trends, it's also about advertising, moral views and industry. It's a bit hard to read, jet it is very useful.

Reiko Kruk: Metamorphose is the next book. I have no word for it. She is an amazing makeup artist! I have to have this book!

There are two more...but I can't remember the titles...